Typhoon Disaster Strikes Philippines

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Help the typhoon disaster victims of the Sedong floods in the Philippines.

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Special Warrior Forum  Philippines Typhoon Flood Victims Disaster relief package

or use this link: –

The picture below was taken at a previous disaster in 2009 elsewhere in the Philippines.

The smiling faces on the youths, masks the real tragedy and suffering of theses events.

Please help by donating to an organisation who is working there or via the Warrior Forum Offer to aid the typhoon and flood victims in the Philippines.

The 2009 Philippines Typhooh Flood Victims
by Kristoffer M.C. under CC BY  with
Dec 2011 Philippines Catastrophe in Sedong – see above 2009 flood victims



Please help those in the Sedong region of the Philippines who suffered so badly from this pre-Christmas 2011 natural disaster of the typhoon and floods.