Technology Plan or Ad Hoc

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Technology And Digital Strategy Should Be The Result of a Technology Plan Not Ad Hoc Decisions!


There is a need in the world of fast changing technology to have a technology plan in place and constantly monitored.  The digital strategy chosen could make or break a business in the modern world and flexibility will be a key element of any plan.

Does your business use electronic data equipment like smart phones, tablets, digital faxes and copier/printer/scanners and computers or have a web site?
If the answer is “yes” the chances are that these items have appeared in your business as a reaction to a need and are not a planned acquisition. Just under 1 in 5 businesses out of the 96% of SME’s that use computers has a technology plan.
Research has shown that only about 5% of business have a formal business plan and of these 95% achieve success as defined in the plan. It is therefore surprising that just under 20% of SME’s recently surveyed by Sensis have a digital strategy or technology plan, as this % is higher than that for those who have a business plan. The higher % of businesses with a technology plan or digital strategy is a good sign that more businesses are taking control of at least this area of their business.

No technology plan or digital strategy equals nothing to manage!

The Late Professor Randy Pausch in one of his last speaches made that observation that without a plan there is nothing to manage.  Perhaps that is why so many businesses have digital systems that do not readily interact smoothly and seamlessly.  It is true to say that a business with a technology plan is far more likely to be able to minimise costs and improve efficiencies than a business without such a plan.  It is only with a plan that managers are able to monitor progress toward the goal set out in the plan.


A Technology Plan Makes The Right Choice

Plan Before You Buy


A good system is worth its weight in gold and the way to have a great digital system and profile is to plan for it.  

If you don’t have a technology plan in place you could be left floundering! 

What are the basic steps?

  1. Document and review your current position
  2. Conduct a needs analysis for current requirements.
  3. Conduct a needs analysis for  requirements 12, 36 and 60 months out, (and further if possible).
  4. Identify your highest priorities for the systems hardware and software and interactive capabilities.
  5. Identify strategies and options that will achieve your goals.
  6. Design the system that will grow with your business.
  7. Review the plan to ensure it will accomodate new technologies.
  8. Determine the costs (and some say triple that figure) and prepare a capital and operating budget for the relevant periods.
  9. Build an implimentation plan.
  10. Set  the plan into action.

 The above information is general in nature and intended to help you review your digital strategy or begin a technology plan if you do not already have one.  If you don’t have the necessary skills or experience please seek the help of appropriately qualified experts in putting together any technology plan or digital system for your business.

Contact ProfiTrain for assistance with your digital strategy and technology plan because we’re here to help on any planning assignment.


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