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Now Everyone can See Your Business Reputation On Page One of Google

If you are in business you now have a major headache building and it will get worse.
This headache will only get worse if you do nothing about making sure you have a great online reputation.
Reputations are valuable - Market for yours
This was an aspect that was restricted to many local directories and sales sites like e-Bay and TrueLocal. Not anymore!

Your reputation is out there for everyone who has access to Google Searches to see.

Google also brings in comments from other directories to determine your reputation score.

If you are in tight competition for the sale of a product or service which vendor will you choose –
The one with a 3 /30 score or the 25 / 30 score.
Bit of a no brainer that one!

So your reputation is down the toilet.
Flushed away and $thousands of dollars with it in lost sales.

What are you going to do about saving your reputation?

From my research only a very small number of businesses have any idea how to handle the bad reviews.

Here are some tips.
1.  Ignore feedback at your peril
– it lets you know what is and is not working
2. Thank everyone for the review or feedback given within 24 hours
–  Yes you have to monitor this
3. Address the bad reviews

  • Apologise for the lousy delivery.
  • If it is a one-off explain it as an aberration and point to positive feeback.
    • Privately offer a gift or even a refund.
  • Explain what may have gone wrong.
  • Make no excuses – customers don’t care.
  • Evaluate what could you have done differently.
  • Reply to the comment and tell readers how you have fixed that issue.
  • Ensure you have very effective communication systems in place to avoid creating undeliverable expectations in the future.

4.  Build systems into your service delivery so that you deliver consistently

5.   Only offer what you can definitely deliver and always spectacularly over deliver.

And People can say ” BAD STUFF” about you and your business.Bad customer reviews can be devastaitig

There is a much better solution to this nasty change of approach by the big G.

It’s really a case of taking control of your reviews.
Use reviews as a means of getting one over your competition.
Chances are they don’t even know about this yet.

Build a marketing strategy around your reputation and build it to 30 / 30 by managing how feedback is delivered.

If you’d like help with this new strategy then please contact me and I show you how to dominate your niche again.

You can also read about the new marketing approach here (from Nov 04 2012 in the section of this site).

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