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Moving your offline business online can be a frightening task

I have learned a considerable amount about this over the past few years having moved much of my offline business online.

I now help small and micro businesses make this transition and I owe much of my education in this area to two people.

Let me introduce Andrew and Daryl Grant who have helped many many business make this move.

I have known them since the mid 1990’s when they were very highly respected business consultants. I have immense admiration and respect for them and what they have achieved both for themselves and so many people they have generously helped.

Below is a short video from these very down to earth but successful entrepreneurs. If you’re expecting to see flash cars and aeroplanes then you’ll be disappointed (they don’t flaunt their success) .

Please take a minute and a half to meet two very genuine and helpful mentors.


If you need someone to use as a model for your business activities they would be top of my list.

Observing their business activities from a distance I’d say they are still two fantastic business consultants and personal coaches. The difference now is they they drive it from their online platform.

From my observations and personal experience they are two of the most generous internet entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet and are always happy to assist if they can.

My biggest learning from them is to take action, take action and take action. It is only with action that you ever have any feedback that is worth reviewing.

Contact me if you want assistance taking your offline business online or visit Andrew and Daryl’s Our Internet Secrets.