Save Money On Accountancy Fees

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Accountancy Fees- Tips to Save on Accountancy Fees

Chris has put together a short video with tips on reducing your accountants fees and how to get more value for your dollar.

How To Get Value For Money From Accountancy Fees

It seems getting yourself organised is a big part of the equation and those words of Stephen Covey “Begin With The End In Mind” keep coming back to haunt us.  Know exactly what your want from your accountant or any other professional adviser before you set foot in their office.

Have all your documents well organised and ensure you’ve given your accountant copies of significant transactions.

Some Tips to reduce Accountancy Fees


  • Do not give the accountant excessive documentation.
  • Ask what is required and deliver what is requested.
  • Understand how the tax system works in your country.
  • Respect your accountants opinion, seek a second opinion if in doubt (this will increase your costs) .
  • Keep social chatter to a minimum
  • Request for an annual checklist
  • Pay your fees as requested or agreed


Accountancy Fees – Services can be highly valuable.

Ensure you ask for any tips or hints that might help you save tax and make more money each year.

This may add a few dollars to the bill but if the advice is good you’ll recoup that fee in no time at all.

Ask yourself to what do these seem expensive?
Most tradesmen now charge a visitation fee of between $50 and $150 just to come to do the work.
A fast food chain takeaway meal these days can be over $10 and a meal for one at a mid range restaurant over $50.  How many burgers or meals is your tax advice and return worth?

If you tax accountant is doing their job well they’ll help you play the tax game, according to the rules, and have more money in your pocket because of their assistance.

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Accountancy fees should not be seen as dead money to get your tax return done but as an opportunity to build a better business or improve your financial position by discovering how to save some tax.


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