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Reading to learn – opens your mind and exposes you to knowledge.

Two great business and financial educators Robert Kyosaki and Donald Trump, in their book “Why We Want You To Be Rich”,  encourage you to learn about money, business operations and personal development.  They see  leadership skills as a key ingredient to building a significant business.   If you are unable to attend appropriate seminars and training then reading to learn from books is a great place to gain knowledge.

ProfiTrain recommends that you regularly engage in reading to learn from business and finance books to ensure you are focused on areas that will help you achieve your goals.  Here you’ll find some suggested reading for a variety of topics.  Also review the ProfiTrain articles which may be a great introduction to business planning, accounting, marketing and communication.

Below is a selection of books suitable for reading to learn about building a successful and fulfilling life.

Author Title
Adler, Dr Harry NLP  neuro linguistic programming – the new art and science of getting what you want.
Agnes, Lindsay Change Your Business With NLP
Chamberlain, Brett Thinking Business 1
Clasen, George C The Richest Man in Babylon
Covey, Stephen R The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
Covey, Stephen R The Eighth Habit
Covey, Stephen R Other books by Stephen Covey
de Bono, Edward Six Thinking Hats
de Bono, Edward Thinking Course
de Bono, Edward Other books by Edward de Bono
Gerber, Michael E. The E-Myth Revisited (Why most small businesses fail and what to do about it)
Gerber, Michael E. E Myth Mastery
Gerber, Michael E. Other books by Michael Gerber
Hill, Napoleon Think and Grow Rich
Johnson, Kerry L Selling with NLP
Kiyosaki, Robert Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Kiyosaki, Robert The Cashflow Quadrant
Kiyosaki, Robert and Trump, Donald Why We Want You To be Rich
Lundin, Stephen C et al Fish
Lundin, Stephen C et al Fish Tales
Lundin, Stephen C et al Other books in this series
Pease, Allan  and Garner, Allan Talk Language
Pease, Allan and Barbara The Definitive Book of
Pease, Allan and Barbara Body Language
Spackman, Dr kerry The Winner’s Bible
Sugars, Brad Instant Cashflow
1 Chamberlain, Brett  (Contact details-  Address your enquiry to Brett Chamberlain, include your telephone number)


Reading to learn should be enjoyable and open your mind especially to non traditional areas of education.

Successful people have two types of education.  There is the traditional education for a job – school to trade or college or university to career and the second is learnt through experience and mentors (real and fantasy).  Books are a great source of mentors and you can do some reading to learn from real stories and metaphoric ones.  If you don’t read you are removing yourself from incredible opportunities.

Reading to learn about anything will increase your mental skills and ability to make decisions.

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