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Business Planning Tips – An introduction to the Business Planning Process

Costing and Break Even Analysis – An introduction to a critical area of management for business owners and managers.

Tips To Save Money With Your Accountant – How to save money and maximise value on accountancy fees.



Title / Topic Brief description Author
Communication A brief introduction to effective communication. Stanton-Cook, C Read
Working Capital and Cash Flow The importance of solvency, indicators  and cash flow. Stanton-Cook, C Read
Introduction to Financial Statements Introducing the Financial Statements and what they reveal. Stanton-Cook, C Read
Perception – Put Yourself In Their Shoes It’s important to recognise the way you see the world is not how others see it. Stanton-Cook, C Read
Perception – How do you and others perceive your business? Business is not all about tangible things but has a significant intangible content that needs to be recognised and understood. Stanton-Cook, C Read
Learning Every day you should take the opportunity to learn something new. Stanton-Cook, C Read






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