Reputation Marketing

Business reputation marketing requires powerful strategy to win.

Businesses Need A Great Reputation

Big brands guard their reputation in the market place very fiercely.
Why do so many smaller businesses seem to ignore theirs.

You really need to understand this because Google Places have really changed the game.

If a searcher types in a keyword applicable to your business and you show up in Google Places so does your reputation score.  If you want to read about this and haven’t seen the previous page then here is the link – Reputation Check.
They won’t pick you if you have a low reputation score.
More than half the searches for goods and services on the internet are made by people using mobile technology – Smartphones and Tablets.
These are people on the move with a problem.
They are looking for instant solutions to their problem.
These are people ready to spend money!
Are you leaving their cash on the table?

No Business Owner Can Afford To Neglect Reputation Marketing

Because Google Does It To You and For You Already

In this modern internet based age where information travels at the speed of light a bad comment can be seen by millions within minutes of being posted to the internet.

People have developed skills to enable comments to spread “virally” and a bad comment can kill, yes literally kill, a business Business reputation marketing may have saved this businesswithin minutes. This is particularly so for under resourced enterprises who do not have any significant marketing skills let alone strategies in place.

Business owners and managers must be aware of their market and must do all they can to build a great reputation and then guard that reputation as fiercely as the big brands do.

Reputation First – Marketing Second

You can build your reputation quite easily with some simple tools.

  • Post cards requesting feedback
  • Emails with links to your testimonial page
  • End of transaction feedback forms
  • Coupons for feedback (not a favourite but they work)

Your Website
Have a testimonial page and monitor it daily.
Ensure no comment is posted until you have reviewed it.
Address negative comments immediately and contact the contributor to thank them and even get suggestions from them how the issue could have been avoided.

You’ll get “brownie points” for taking time to personally contact them and for showing that their opinion matters.
Ensure that your systems are updated to minimise any chance of that issue arising again.
Decide which comments become public and use the feedback in your marketing processes.

I’ll show you how to really boost your testimonial quality and delivery rates.
Talk to me about managing your business reputation marking and building your brand.