Reaction or Response

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Bad Parkers are the cause of ANGST.

Angst is not an ideal reaction to little irritations

Angst or worse No just smile and move on.

So often it’s the little things in life that really get to us.

Bad parking is a common everyday issue where selfish drivers waste parking opportunities for other drivers.

So how do you react?

  1. Do you you get steamed up?
  2. Do you sigh and brood?
  3. Do you just move on?

Which reaction group are you part of?

If you are in the third group then it’s likely this article will tell you little you don’t already know.
If you are in the first two groups come and discover better ways to handle the little stuff.

You get to make choices in life and every choice you make can affect the future of you life.
Once that choice becomes a decision – (a decision is just a choice that you have taken action on) – then the ball is in play, and, how you play it will determine how that choice will be seen in your life forever.

Do you react?
Do you respond?

Reactions are impulsive without thought and at times can be life savers but often life destroyers.
Responses are objectively arrived at ways to behave yourself in any given situation.
A person with well developed response-ableness can respond in the most appropriate way after evaluating a situation almost as quickly as an impulsive person reacts.

Don’t let the little anthills, the little bumps, get you down or don’t allow anger to be your first port of call when something doesn’t go your way.
Take charge of your thoughts and respond to life events in the way that will best move you forward in life.

Just think about this – split second impulsive reactions have lead people to murder. Hows that for impact on two or more lives!
A response-able person would have recognised the potential damage and chosen a different path.

There is more on this on my Change Reaction page.

Emotions drive reactions so learn to read your emotions.  To do this you have to consciously live in the present with awareness of yourself.

Responses are the result of conscious thought processes.

Take the journey and become response-able for a more responsible and enjoyable life.