Productivity Boost

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Wondering How To Boost Your Productivity


How do you get more done in less time

You need to –

  • know what your want to achieve
  • have plans
  • have deadlines
  • prioritise projects and tasks
  • have a team


Productivity is the key for busy people

We all have the same amount of time so why do some people achieve so much and at the other end of the scale so little.

There are 8760 hours in a 365 day year and it is how effectively and efficiently you use them that determines your result.

What is your sub-conscious attitude to time?
Tad James has described having time abundance or being time deficient as a matter of a persons beliefs and it is essentially the same beliefs that enables people to amass wealth or live in poverty.

The people with plenty of time believe there is an abundance of time whereas those time deficient people see time as being limited and in short supply.  It’s interesting that wealthy people see the universe as a place of great abundance and those lacking wealth see it as being limited and impoverished with not enough to go around.

How long has it been since you revisited your beliefs and values?  Refreshing and questioning these every year or two may reveal that some are outdated and no longer valid.

Do you remember the old belief that the world was flat?
That belief would serve you very poorly in today’s world.  Check your beliefs for more “flat earth” ones and adopt the new and modern view that you discover has replaced them.

Recognize when change is necessary and as they illustrate in the book “Who Moved My Cheese” you need to be constantly checking and reading the signs and letting go of things that are no longer relevant or useful if you are to move forward and take on new opportunities.

Productivity is driven by priority

Achievers have a sense of urgency about them, a passion to complete tasks and an ability to organise themselves and their team around the right things to do.  They are efficient and very effective.

Stephen Covey in his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” devised a table that enabled tasks to be catalogued according to their importance and urgency.   The four quadrents are –

  1. Important and Urgent
  2. Important and Not Urgent
  3. Not important and Urgent
  4. Not important and Not urgent
Which Quadrant do you think you should be working in 1 or 2 or 3 or 4?
You’ll have to read the book to discover this or visit the author’s website and make contact through there

Brendon Burchard has developed a three part system to get things effectively organised.
His three elements are planned in this order Big Picture. People and Things (ten of them) You Must Do Today.
They are acted on in reverse order with the Big Picture items only being worked on when the 10 tasks and people elements have been completed.

Another significant aspect to the way Brendan works is his identification of the absolute deadline.  He requires absolute final deadlines to be clearly identified as distinct from the when it’s wanted deadlines.

What to do when you have children and you want to get things done

Children present new challenges when it comes to leading a productive family life .  The same principles apply here as for productive business people.

You must decide what your desired outcomes are for yourself and your family and as in business communicate and share these.

Each family member should work to their goals and be supported by other family members wherever possible.  If an individual goal will cause conflict with the family goals the individual needs to either modify the goal or be able to complete it in such a way that it doesn’t impact, with any significance, on the family goals.

Follow the Covey and Burchard models in the family environment and see how much richer family life can be.

Productivity can only improve with clear goals

It stands to reason that, if you don’t know what you are trying to achieve then you can’t productively achieve anything.

Clear goals enable a clear set of actions to be identified and ordered to ensure success.

Productivity comes from following the plan and achieving the goal.

How efficiently each step is completed will determine the speed and cost to completion.

A Must See Video to watch – Randy Pausch on Time

I have a course on productivity that will give you many more tips and guide you to a more productive lifestyle. The course is broken into small and instantly useable lessons and by working through it you will notice changes in your productivity at home and work. Join up now at Productivity Base’s Dynamic Productivity course today.

Productivity requires a clear vision, a determination to achieve and a plan that can be followed.


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