Performance - Is Relaxation a Better Driver Than Stress?

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When do you perform best?

Under Stress or when you are in a state of Relaxation?

People can perform very well under stress but only for short periods of time. This is because man is historically designed to operate at peak performance levels under stress for short periods of time to save himself from danger. A relaxed environment will produce better rates of productivity and effectiveness than high stress environment.

Relaxation meditation to de stress

For a relaxed body and a still mind .....

The flight or fight reaction was never designed to be a long term state to be in. Bruce Lipton PhD in his book “the Biology of Belief” uses the example of an elite athlete, a sprinter, on the starting box waiting for the gun to go off. If the starter pulls the trigger the athlete explodes into his race. If, on the other hand, the starter does not pull the trigger the levels of stress the athlete experiences waiting for the gun to go off will rapidly drain energy and he or she will most likely not be able to hold the starting position for very long before collapsing.

People who work for long periods in stressful jobs frequently suffer burn-out or worse still heart attacks or strokes from hypertension resulting often from stress.

People do not enjoy working in an environment which is stressful. This leads to low staff morale and high accident rates and the severity of the accidents are an indicator or sign of this poor quality work environment. Chef’s often have a reputation for placing staff under enormous pressure a la Gordon Ramsay style of management. Is it any wonder things go wrong in those kitchens? Most people have experienced the high strung boss or manager at some time in their working lives. Can you recall one of them? Not a nice feeling is it so you better clear you mind and think about one of your favourite things.

Relaxation is now seen as a suitable and accepted way to have a happy and productive workplace. There were reports recently of a Brisbane professional practice engaging a meditation expert to conduct meditation relaxation sessions for the staff. It was reported that staff morale and productivity rose significantly after a very few sessions.

De Stress with Meditation Relaxation

What if you can’t have someone come to your work to run sessions like that? You have a number of options available to you. There are community groups or form your own lunchtime meditation group or go it alone and study meditation relaxation so you can relax wherever and whenever you need a break.

meditation, relaxation, productivity, de-stress,de stress,stressMost of my clients know that apart from being well qualified in my accounting professional area I am also a trained hypnotist and student of NLP. I have practised relaxation and meditation for many years and more so recently. I have a course that I enjoyed doing so much that I purchased the rights to it. You can learn  to Meditate in  9 Minutes by doing this course which runs for about 4 months. I shall be adding additional and more advanced techniques for those who want to engage in higher levels of meditation relaxation after developing the basic skills.

How To Relax Secret is where you can learn Meditation Relaxation.

You are most welcome to visit The 9 Minute  Meditation Academy and try it for 14 days for just $2.95. If it’s not for you then just unsubscribe from the site, although I think you’ll find, after 2 weeks, you are changing into a more relaxed person and you will want to continue through the program. Learn Meditation Relaxation.

Feel free to contact Chris here about his hypnosis and relaxation meditation work. Contact

Remember that relaxation in the workplace is a key to good workplace practices.


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