New Year Business Resolutions

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Make Your New Year Business Resolutions Stick

The way to make sure your new year business resolutions stick is to plan what needs to be done to achieve the result you want.

Stephen Covey says in the highly acclaimed best seller “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” you should start every project with “THE END IN MIND”.

Clearly visualise and know the outcome of your new year business resolutions

You can do this by clearly stating the desired outcome of your resolution.   This should be done in writing and, if possible, pictorially and have all affected members of the business involved in this process.  This gives the business ownership of the outcomes and not just the person setting the resolution.

For example if you are a team manager you may have in your new year business resolutions a commitment to communicate better with your team in the next year.

The basic process to achieving  this, if it was one of your new year business resolutions, would be –

  1. Identify the evidence needed to show you have achieved your goal.
  2. Discuss with your team how communication is now and how they would like it to be.
  3. Resolve any differences between your vision of better communication and theirs.
  4. Jointly discover strategies to enable this resolution to stick.
  5. Decide which strategy or strategies to implement.
  6. Develop an action plan for each strategy.
  7. Start the processes and monitor (test and measure).
  8. On achievement celebrate your success with your team.
Successful New Year Business Resolutions

Successful New Year Business Resolutions

This process of achieving your new year business resolutions is quite simple and will be effective when properly implemented.   If you need help or a more detailed or even “hand held” assistance then contact Chris at ProfiTrain and see how he can help your new year business resolution really sticky.

You may have heard or read the saying “People Don’t Plan to Fail, They Just Fail to Plan” and that is why so many New Year Business Resolutions do not make it past the first few weeks of the new year.

If your new year business resolutions will involve significant change in your business then ProfiTrain has a one day change program that will, using NLP and Hypnotic techniques make the change easier and less stressful to achieve.

Contact ProfiTrain today for more information about successful new year business resolutions and change in your business.

Good luck and may you have great success with your New Year Business Resolutions.




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