Mediation For Dispute Resolution

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Mediation Tackles Issues In Dispute Resolution


Have you ever been in a dispute with another person or business and just wondered how do I solve this without going to Court?

If you have then you may have discovered mediation.

Mediation is a powerful tool in dispute resolution

Mediation covers many areas and is otherwise referred to as

mediation  dispute resolution lowers heat in conflict

Mediation Helps Calm Tensions

  • arbitration,
  • negotiation,
  • dispute resolution,
  • conciliation,
  • conflict resolution,

Below are a couple of areas that are covered by the process –

  • Family disputes
    • Estates
    • Elderly parents – control of assets
    • Custody
    • Divorce settlements
  • Building industry
    • Contract disputes
    • Employment terms
  • Neighbour disputes
    • Noise
    • Pets
    • Fences

There are many many more and consumer areas abound with ombudsmen adopting the role.  Often they escalate to making binding rulings as they see the case.   It should be your goal to avoid reaching the point where intervention is needed but if it is then use a dispute resolution expert.  You’ll discover they have ways of getting to the seat of the problem.

Mediators must obtain registration and to do that demonstrate they have the necessary skills to be appointed as a Registered Mediator.  They can also specialise in their area of expertise.

Why use mediation

Undergoing a conciliation process is now a mandatory process in many areas of litigation.  All avenues of reconciliation of a dispute need to be exhausted before the Courts will accept a case for hearing.

The Dispute Resolution process is a far less expensive process than litigation.

It should be far less stressful than going to Court.

mediation, dispute resolution, concilaition

Mediation Finds balance

Dispute resolution using a registered mediator should lead to an acceptable resolution of the problem in most cases.  For this to happen parties top the dispute must want a resolution and be prepared to participate to close the matter.

A professional colleague of mine Jennifer Boulton is a specialist family law practitioner and is a fully registered mediator.  Jenny has a contact page here on my site where you can discover more about the process. Contact Jenny Here


I’d recommend, if you ever have a serious problem, to use some form of mediation as your first resort and before the issue escalates to a highly emotionally charged state.


Performance - Is Relaxation a Better Driver Than Stress?

When do you perform best?

Under Stress or when you are in a state of Relaxation?

People can perform very well under stress but only for short periods of time. This is because man is historically designed to operate at peak performance levels under stress for short periods of time to save himself from danger. A relaxed environment will produce better rates of productivity and effectiveness than high stress environment.

Relaxation meditation to de stress

For a relaxed body and a still mind .....

The flight or fight reaction was never designed to be a long term state to be in. Bruce Lipton PhD in his book “the Biology of Belief” uses the example of an elite athlete, a sprinter, on the starting box waiting for the gun to go off. If the starter pulls the trigger the athlete explodes into his race. If, on the other hand, the starter does not pull the trigger the levels of stress the athlete experiences waiting for the gun to go off will rapidly drain energy and he or she will most likely not be able to hold the starting position for very long before collapsing.

People who work for long periods in stressful jobs frequently suffer burn-out or worse still heart attacks or strokes from hypertension resulting often from stress.

People do not enjoy working in an environment which is stressful. This leads to low staff morale and high accident rates and the severity of the accidents are an indicator or sign of this poor quality work environment. Chef’s often have a reputation for placing staff under enormous pressure a la Gordon Ramsay style of management. Is it any wonder things go wrong in those kitchens? Most people have experienced the high strung boss or manager at some time in their working lives. Can you recall one of them? Not a nice feeling is it so you better clear you mind and think about one of your favourite things.

Relaxation is now seen as a suitable and accepted way to have a happy and productive workplace. There were reports recently of a Brisbane professional practice engaging a meditation expert to conduct meditation relaxation sessions for the staff. It was reported that staff morale and productivity rose significantly after a very few sessions.

De Stress with Meditation Relaxation

What if you can’t have someone come to your work to run sessions like that? You have a number of options available to you. There are community groups or form your own lunchtime meditation group or go it alone and study meditation relaxation so you can relax wherever and whenever you need a break.

meditation, relaxation, productivity, de-stress,de stress,stressMost of my clients know that apart from being well qualified in my accounting professional area I am also a trained hypnotist and student of NLP. I have practised relaxation and meditation for many years and more so recently. I have a course that I enjoyed doing so much that I purchased the rights to it. You can learn  to Meditate in  9 Minutes by doing this course which runs for about 4 months. I shall be adding additional and more advanced techniques for those who want to engage in higher levels of meditation relaxation after developing the basic skills.

How To Relax Secret is where you can learn Meditation Relaxation.

You are most welcome to visit The 9 Minute  Meditation Academy and try it for 14 days for just $2.95. If it’s not for you then just unsubscribe from the site, although I think you’ll find, after 2 weeks, you are changing into a more relaxed person and you will want to continue through the program. Learn Meditation Relaxation.

Feel free to contact Chris here about his hypnosis and relaxation meditation work. Contact

Remember that relaxation in the workplace is a key to good workplace practices.


List Building Essentials

List building – An Essential Skill

Having trouble getting that list to grow?

I certainly was until I took time to learn some of the things that are needed to get a list under way.

You need a system, that works for you, for list building if you want to build a list that is valuable.

Web sites are the new Real Estate. Web sites with sticky lists sell for huge dollars – look at sites like Facebook and what they are worth. Is your client list sticky and relevant to your niche?

You need to tweak your list building system

You need flexibility in your list building system, tweaking all the time because the internet is such a dynamic place.

Your list needs to be targeted or you’ll be sending information to a virtually random group.

How do you build a targeted and qualified list?
Step 1 is to really know and understand your niche.
Only enlist potential and current buyers to your list.

You may not have realized it but potential buyers are probably more valuable than someone wanting to buy right now.
Why would I say that?
Current buyers have all current suppliers marketing to them.
Potential buyers in your niche are only being targeted by a small group of suppliers with whom you are competing.

List building is all about building Relationships

If you have a list of future buyers you can build a really powerful relationship with them by educating them about the product area that you service. Educating them without asking for sales builds trust and they will be more likely to buy from you when the time comes.

You have to be a little smarter here than the “average bear”. You have to ensure your prospect knows you are ready to serve (sell to) them so that they come to you. There is always the risk that you can educate them well but someone else will get the sale because they asked for it.

In your educational material you must, without overt selling, ensure they see you as the provider of choice.
What will be your compelling reason for the prospect to buy from you. You must have, yes MUST HAVE, a truly compelling reason for any customer to buy from you. What is your unique selling proposition or sustainable competitive advantage?

Back to list building

Did you know there are several lists you should compile?
What these lists are and so much more information about how to build valuable lists can be found at the Internet Skills Builder List Building academy web course.  (Note – Apologies this link is no longer available 22/02/16).

The lists included – Prospects, Buyers, and High End.  Also, build a list of Affiliates who can help sell your products.
Invest in yourself and learn as much as you can. Study and application of the lessons has made a huge difference in my approach to mastering the internet.

List building essentials

List Building Can’t Be Ignored

The master Australian millionaire maker, Mal Emery, recently emailed his list and advised that businesses that ignore the power of the internet are doomed to fail in the new age. The new age is already upon us so if you are as smart, as I’m sure you are, you’ll start to work with the internet and not exhibit the worst aspects of the ostrich syndrome and “bury your head in the sand”.

List building is just one part of internet business mastery and is essential to your success.

De-Stress - How To Do It

De-stress to improve your quality of life

In recent weeks I have assisted, through hypnosis, a number of people who felt they needed to learn how to relax to alleviate stress they felt they were suffering.

They felt that the levels or tension were significantly affecting their ability to perform at their desired level in life.

Stress does that. Stress diminishes your ability to function at peak levels for long periods of time.

Stress will enable you to perform exceptionally over very short time spans – that’s how we were designed and it is a life survival necessity.

To be under constant levels of stress will cause very significant and life threatening health issues.

Learning techniques to enable you to de-stress are important skills to have.

The first step is recognition that you have become stressed.
Once this is recognized then the causes of your stress can be identified and dealt with.

It’s Easy To De Stress When You Know How

The techniques I teach to de-stress are not difficult to use or learn. Many of them can be done anywhere you can find a place to take a couple of minutes out of your day.

Some of the many ways to de-stress beyond my training are –

  • Sport
  • Sleep
  • Be in or near water
  • Pat your pet
  • Gardening
  • Playing games
  • Listening to or playing music.
  • and the list goes on ……..

Imagine How Your Life Would Be If You Could De Stress At Will

You can.

Learning some simple relaxation techniques can be a great way to start.  You can see one way at “How to De Stress Easily” (De Stress at Hypnosis With Chris). and you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Don’t let stress lessen you ability to perform and enjoy life by learning how to destress using hypnotic techniques.

Productivity Boost

Wondering How To Boost Your Productivity


How do you get more done in less time

You need to –

  • know what your want to achieve
  • have plans
  • have deadlines
  • prioritise projects and tasks
  • have a team


Productivity is the key for busy people

We all have the same amount of time so why do some people achieve so much and at the other end of the scale so little.

There are 8760 hours in a 365 day year and it is how effectively and efficiently you use them that determines your result.

What is your sub-conscious attitude to time?
Tad James has described having time abundance or being time deficient as a matter of a persons beliefs and it is essentially the same beliefs that enables people to amass wealth or live in poverty.

The people with plenty of time believe there is an abundance of time whereas those time deficient people see time as being limited and in short supply.  It’s interesting that wealthy people see the universe as a place of great abundance and those lacking wealth see it as being limited and impoverished with not enough to go around.

How long has it been since you revisited your beliefs and values?  Refreshing and questioning these every year or two may reveal that some are outdated and no longer valid.

Do you remember the old belief that the world was flat?
That belief would serve you very poorly in today’s world.  Check your beliefs for more “flat earth” ones and adopt the new and modern view that you discover has replaced them.

Recognize when change is necessary and as they illustrate in the book “Who Moved My Cheese” you need to be constantly checking and reading the signs and letting go of things that are no longer relevant or useful if you are to move forward and take on new opportunities.

Productivity is driven by priority

Achievers have a sense of urgency about them, a passion to complete tasks and an ability to organise themselves and their team around the right things to do.  They are efficient and very effective.

Stephen Covey in his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” devised a table that enabled tasks to be catalogued according to their importance and urgency.   The four quadrents are –

  1. Important and Urgent
  2. Important and Not Urgent
  3. Not important and Urgent
  4. Not important and Not urgent
Which Quadrant do you think you should be working in 1 or 2 or 3 or 4?
You’ll have to read the book to discover this or visit the author’s website and make contact through there

Brendon Burchard has developed a three part system to get things effectively organised.
His three elements are planned in this order Big Picture. People and Things (ten of them) You Must Do Today.
They are acted on in reverse order with the Big Picture items only being worked on when the 10 tasks and people elements have been completed.

Another significant aspect to the way Brendan works is his identification of the absolute deadline.  He requires absolute final deadlines to be clearly identified as distinct from the when it’s wanted deadlines.

What to do when you have children and you want to get things done

Children present new challenges when it comes to leading a productive family life .  The same principles apply here as for productive business people.

You must decide what your desired outcomes are for yourself and your family and as in business communicate and share these.

Each family member should work to their goals and be supported by other family members wherever possible.  If an individual goal will cause conflict with the family goals the individual needs to either modify the goal or be able to complete it in such a way that it doesn’t impact, with any significance, on the family goals.

Follow the Covey and Burchard models in the family environment and see how much richer family life can be.

Productivity can only improve with clear goals

It stands to reason that, if you don’t know what you are trying to achieve then you can’t productively achieve anything.

Clear goals enable a clear set of actions to be identified and ordered to ensure success.

Productivity comes from following the plan and achieving the goal.

How efficiently each step is completed will determine the speed and cost to completion.

A Must See Video to watch – Randy Pausch on Time

I have a course on productivity that will give you many more tips and guide you to a more productive lifestyle. The course is broken into small and instantly useable lessons and by working through it you will notice changes in your productivity at home and work. Join up now at Productivity Base’s Dynamic Productivity course today.

Productivity requires a clear vision, a determination to achieve and a plan that can be followed.

Choose Your Attitude

You Can Have Attitude at the Click of a Finger

Attitude can be a deal maker or breaker, the difference between enjoying your work or hating it, having good or not so good relationships and how much you enjoy and make of your life.

Attitude Switches

I have observed people at work in absolutely foul moods, raving and ranting, “doing their lolly” as I’m sure many readers have.  Suddenly the phone rings. They storm to the phone, pick it up, switch the confident, polite and happy demeanor and say very welcoming “Hello”.

This change was virtually instant.  Everyone can do this.  Everyone can choose their attitude and learn how to call up certain attitude attributes that are best for the situation.

A great place to start and discover the power of attitude is to read Steven Lundin’s book “Fish”.  The message in this book for work is –

  • Choose your attitude
  • Play
  • Make their day
  • Be present

These principles can and should also be applied to all areas of life.

How do you choose your attitude?

This can be learned very easily using NLP and hypnosis techniques.

One place to start is with Three by Three, ( 3X3 ) which will help you appreciate the joys and wonder of your life.  Power 3X3 done well will enable you to instantly recover the attitude of confidence, joy, power, gratitude and other emotions you have anchored.

Assuming attitude

Your Attitude?

From Hypnosis and NLP there are a lot of  tools and techniques which will also help you switch to the right attitude for the moment.  Have a read of the Business Hypnosis article on Attitude on this site -> Hypnosis.  

Contact Chris if you’d like to learn some of these.

Your attitude is entirely your choice.

It's All In The Relationship

Without a good supplier-customer relationship business is too hard.

The property market is down, the stock market is not breaking records, employment statistically is up but it seems getting a dollar out of a customers pocket is really quite hard now.

Building relationships and trust along with inventive marketing skills and delivery of exceptional products and services are what is needed.

Build the relationship with quality information

Real Estate is hard at the moment.  You’ll probably see more agressive marketing from vendors to bring in prospects. An example of this can be found at where the vendor has set up a web site to augment the Agents efforts.

In any marketing you need to use all avenues you can to be in front of prospects and build a relationship.

How are you keeping your business, products, services or othe items for sale in front of your prospects, clients or customers.

Some ideas for you to show you value your customers and help to build a lasting relationship –

  • Send hand written birthday cards.
  • Make it policy to have at least 3 conversations a year with each client.
  • Build an email list and use it with valuable content.
  • Establish a newsletter and send out monthly by email to your list.
  • Give away before you expect to receive to build the relationship.
  • Share your successes with your customers and suppliers – learn from each other.

You may have noticed all the above are about building a relationship with your customers and suppliers (reverse customers).  Do this well and you’ll discover more loyalty and referrals will come your way.

If you’d like more information on relationship building then contact Chris using the contact form.

A relationship built on honesty and trust is worth more than you can imagine to your business.

Technology Plan or Ad Hoc

Technology And Digital Strategy Should Be The Result of a Technology Plan Not Ad Hoc Decisions!


There is a need in the world of fast changing technology to have a technology plan in place and constantly monitored.  The digital strategy chosen could make or break a business in the modern world and flexibility will be a key element of any plan.

Does your business use electronic data equipment like smart phones, tablets, digital faxes and copier/printer/scanners and computers or have a web site?
If the answer is “yes” the chances are that these items have appeared in your business as a reaction to a need and are not a planned acquisition. Just under 1 in 5 businesses out of the 96% of SME’s that use computers has a technology plan.
Research has shown that only about 5% of business have a formal business plan and of these 95% achieve success as defined in the plan. It is therefore surprising that just under 20% of SME’s recently surveyed by Sensis have a digital strategy or technology plan, as this % is higher than that for those who have a business plan. The higher % of businesses with a technology plan or digital strategy is a good sign that more businesses are taking control of at least this area of their business.

No technology plan or digital strategy equals nothing to manage!

The Late Professor Randy Pausch in one of his last speaches made that observation that without a plan there is nothing to manage.  Perhaps that is why so many businesses have digital systems that do not readily interact smoothly and seamlessly.  It is true to say that a business with a technology plan is far more likely to be able to minimise costs and improve efficiencies than a business without such a plan.  It is only with a plan that managers are able to monitor progress toward the goal set out in the plan.


A Technology Plan Makes The Right Choice

Plan Before You Buy


A good system is worth its weight in gold and the way to have a great digital system and profile is to plan for it.  

If you don’t have a technology plan in place you could be left floundering! 

What are the basic steps?

  1. Document and review your current position
  2. Conduct a needs analysis for current requirements.
  3. Conduct a needs analysis for  requirements 12, 36 and 60 months out, (and further if possible).
  4. Identify your highest priorities for the systems hardware and software and interactive capabilities.
  5. Identify strategies and options that will achieve your goals.
  6. Design the system that will grow with your business.
  7. Review the plan to ensure it will accomodate new technologies.
  8. Determine the costs (and some say triple that figure) and prepare a capital and operating budget for the relevant periods.
  9. Build an implimentation plan.
  10. Set  the plan into action.

 The above information is general in nature and intended to help you review your digital strategy or begin a technology plan if you do not already have one.  If you don’t have the necessary skills or experience please seek the help of appropriately qualified experts in putting together any technology plan or digital system for your business.

Contact ProfiTrain for assistance with your digital strategy and technology plan because we’re here to help on any planning assignment.

Easy Steps To A Successful Business Plan

How to build a successful business plan in easy steps

5% of businesses have a business plan and 95% succeed
95% of businesses have no business plan and 5% are lucky


Business Plan Steps

  1. Identify your personal goals and objectives
  2. Identify business options and opportunities that will help you achieve your goals
  3. Clearly state why you are going into the business – the mission of the business
  4. Build a very clear picture of how you see the business operating at its optimum capacity
  5. Look at and evaluate all the possible options available to turn the vision into reality
  6. Prioritise the options you have identified and select those that will have the greatest impact with the least effort in terms of money, skill and time.
  7. Write out the options as action statements and formalise them as action plans that will be components of your business plan
  8. Ensure every action plan clearly defines
    1. the objective
    2. what is required
    3. why it is being done
    4. who is required and responsible
    5. when it is to happen
    6. how it will be done
    7. how you will know it is being done and has been completed
  9. Implement the action plans in order
  10. Monitor the results and adjust as required

This process will enable you to develop an effective and realistic business plan that will work for you.

Business Plan Tools

Profitrain provides full Business Plan advisory services particulaly for small to medium sized enterprises. Family businesses are well catered for here.
There are many guides and aids available for business planning in hard copy and here on the internet. If you need help with these remember our help is just a call away.

One of your best guides in business will be a successful mentor who has a personal interest in your success.

Your second best guide will be a business coach and if you are fortunate enough to have both you’ll discover quickly things about yourself and business that you may have taken years to discover, if at all. Successful sports stars, actors, politicians (bad choice), business people use coaches – someone to provide a different perspective to help them.

If you need some help or are unable to access either of the above then contact me, Chris, at ProfiTrain for some more tips and guidance.


Be a 5%-er and achieve success with a business plan.

Costs, Contribution Margin and Break Even

Costs, Contribution Margin and Break Even Analysis

It is very important for a business owner and manager to understand the basics of costs, contribution margin and break even analysis.

For a quick overview have a look at my video on Costs, Contribution Margin and Break Even Analysis (YouTube)

Improve chances of success with contribution margin and break even analysis in your business

Successful business operators and managers understand the importance of Costs, Contribution Margin and Break Even Analysis and use it daily.