Typhoon Disaster Strikes Philippines

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Help the typhoon disaster victims of the Sedong floods in the Philippines.

You can help

You can benefit while helping

Special Warrior Forum  Philippines Typhoon Flood Victims Disaster relief package

or use this link: –

The picture below was taken at a previous disaster in 2009 elsewhere in the Philippines.

The smiling faces on the youths, masks the real tragedy and suffering of theses events.

Please help by donating to an organisation who is working there or via the Warrior Forum Offer to aid the typhoon and flood victims in the Philippines.

The 2009 Philippines Typhooh Flood Victims
by Kristoffer M.C. under CC BY  with
Dec 2011 Philippines Catastrophe in Sedong – see above 2009 flood victims



Please help those in the Sedong region of the Philippines who suffered so badly from this pre-Christmas 2011 natural disaster of the typhoon and floods.


The Productivity Base - Dynamic Productivity - Program

Your Productivity Base ‘Dynamic Productivity’ Program

ProfiTrain is providing you with the opportunity to enroll in a program that will be delivered to you weekly over the next 18 weeks.

Your  investment,  giving you access for a whole year ( YES – a year of access) is just $33.

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Why not deliver the productivity program in one go?

This program requires you to build your knowledge and skills.

To provide the entire program in one “hit” would not help you to work enthusiastically and powerfully through the learning and skill building process.

This is a great source of information, inspiration and motivation when followed as laid out and will lead you lo a more productive life with more freedom.

If you are a procrastinator, the first action you need to take is to test the program for 3 days and sign up for the 7 lesson mini e-course to set yourself on the path to freedom from that debilitating condition.


Here is a list of all the topics covered in your dynamic productivity course

Section 1

Welcome to Dynamic Productivity
What’s really Holding You Back from Achieving Your Dreams?
How a Fear of Success Holds You Back

Section 2

How the Fear of Failure Holds You Back
Recognizing Procrastination for What It Really Is
Are You Taking the Wrong Kind of Action?

Section 3

Feeling Overwhelmed? That’s Your Fear Talking
Do You Have a Grasshopper Mind?
Perfectionism: The Silent Symptom of Fear

Section 4

How to Overcome Fear, Part 1
How to Overcome Fear, Part 2
How to Overcome Fear, Part 3

Section 5

How to Overcome Fear, Part 4
How to Overcome Fear, Part 5
How to Move Forward When You’re Feeling Stuck

Section 6

Can Feeling Guilty Keep You Moving Forward?
How Getting an Accountability Partner Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
How to Keep Moving Forward by Uncovering Your “Reason Why”

Section 7

Feeling Unmotivated? Look at Your Health Habits
Is Your Lack of Motivation Caused by Depression?
Have You Lost Interest in Your Goals?

Section 8

How Keeping a Journal Keeps You Motivated

Productivity is better than Procrastination

Productivity or Procrastinate

How Finding Inspiration Keeps You Motivated
How Others Can Suck the Motivation Right Out of You

Section 9

How to Avoid Self Sabotage
Why You Should Celebrate Smaller Milestones on the Path to Your Bigger Goal
Is It True That There Are No Failures?

Section 10

What’s Your Excuse for Not Succeeding? (Part 1)
What’s Your Excuse for Not Succeeding? (Part 2)
Get Happy to Get Motivated, Part 1

Section 11

Get Happy to Get Motivated, Part 2
Get Happy to Get Motivated, Part 3
Recognizing a Common Roadblock On Your Path to Success 70

Section 12

What To Do When You Get Burned Out, Part 1
What to Do When You Get Burned Out, Part 2
How to Prevent Burn Out and Loss of Motivation

Section 13

How to Get More Done in Less Time
The Truth About the Multitasking Myth
Boost Your Productivity Using These Scheduling Tricks

Section 14

Spend a Few Minutes Preparing Now, Enjoy a Productive Time Later
How to Avoid Distraction, Part 1
How to Avoid Distraction, Part 2

Section 15

How to Create an Environment That Inspires You, Part 1
How to Create an Environment That Inspires You, Part 2
How to Create an Environment That Inspires You, Part 3

Section 16

How Creating a Sense of Urgency Boosts Productivity
A Simple Trick to Save Time
Sprinting Your Way to Higher Productivity

Section 17

The Power of Touching Things Just Once
How to Save Time by Learning How to Say “No”
Using Tools to be More Efficient

Section 18

Special Productivity Tips for Parents and Other Busy People
How to Free Up Your Time With Outsourcing, Part 1
How to Create Systems that Boost Productivity

Section 19

How to Free Up Your Time With Outsourcing, Part 2
How to Free Up Your Time With Outsourcing, Part 3


Productivity is better than Procrastination
Productivity or Procrastinate

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Other recent articles on Productivity and procrastination ->  Productivity and Procrastination

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Writing Proposals That Sell

Discover techniques for writing proposals that sell in a 1 hour webinar

Jo Harris will show you how to write effective proposals that win business.

Writing proposals that win business with Jo Harris

Writing Proposals

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Novice or expert  –
you’ll pick up something new to tweak your writing proposals skills.

Writing proposals right is a very necessary skill in the volatile world of business we find ourselves in at this time in history. You have a chance to discover just how to write them so they are right for your prospects and customers.

What will this cost you? – Nothing.
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You need to win in business now more than ever.
Writing proposals that influence your client to lean your way is a powerful skill to have.

Procrastination kills Productivity

Procrastination is the Enemy of Productivity


Are you a procrastinator?
Why do you put some jobs into the “I’ll get to it basket” and just jump in and do others?

Procrastination is beaten by powerful plans which also demonstrably improve productivity.

Quoting the great achiever Benjamin Franklin – “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” – gives a great clue to beating procrastination and boosting productivity.


Do you plan and how?
Plans provide guidance to achieving goals and without plans you can’t manage your progress toward achieving them.


Maybe it’s time for you to reveal how you’ve been going.

Time to discover how you rank as a procrastinator or productivity whizz.

Below are four areas of life that I’ll ask you to review and make some lists.

Relax and let your mind flow with the thoughts it has and capture them in your lists.
Forget all about priorities while doing this.
Relax and let each thought generate another and you’ll find you mind opens up to many new ideas once you get into the flow.
Jot down each new idea as it comes; you’ll discover each thought generates another as your hands quickly transcribe your thoughts to the paper or keyboard.

You can easily fill up a couple of pages or even more than that with the lists detailed below.

  • Look at the ignored or unfinished jobs at work and make a list of them. Any size it doesn’t matter; include them all.
  • .
  • Now you can repeat the list for jobs and tasks at home that never seem to get done. Walk around the home if you’re having problems thinking of anything just to encourage your memory. A quick walk around the outside of the house could aid you.
  • .
  • Now look at carefully what needs to be done in your personal relationships that you have been putting off and make another list. Vacations, family matters, letters and emails and those telephone calls you’ve meant to make.
  • .
  • Now a list for you – that exercise program or night out or even eliminations of a bad habit or anything that you have wanted to do but have put off doing anything about.


Now I’ll explain why this work was important.

The first thing to note is the amount of things you have been deferring in your life.

Could you have done better and is there a pattern to your procrastination / productivity behaviour and is it a problem.

Recognition that there is a problem is the start to recovery from the problem and eliminating it.

Procrastinators find many ways to explain and justify their incapacity get projects under way. The first step toward overcoming procrastination is the acknowledgment and ownership of the problem.


Second, you should now understand the power of getting started on a project.

Action is necessary to build self-confidence rather than see it decrease as inaction increases doubts about decisions and this then decreases self-confidence more – a vicious cycle.   A self paralysis can overtake the procrastinator as this horrendous cycle of inactivity continues.


When you recognise that procrastination has become the problem focus on the task that you have been avoiding and identify the first thing to do.

There may be a sense of overwhelm when you look at your lists but remember the lists are just a group of smaller items which can also be broken into parts.

Select one item from your lists –

Ask if the job will add value and, if not, is there any reason to do it.

Now identify and immediately take one action to get it started. 

It is easier than you might think.  You commenced your first list with a single item; it triggered another.

An action on your chosen item will cause your to take the next action and so on.


Monitor your behaviour over time –

Review your day and work out how much time you have wasted.

Maintain a time log diary of how you spend your time.

Work needs to be done on time so how do you plan your work to meet the deadlines?


Productivity is hampered by redundant work often carried out because of procrastination choices with little if any consideration of its value or necessity.

There is research that indicates that almost 80% of the effort put into a project is of little effective value to the success of the project and could therefore be effectively deferred or omitted – this is in agreement with the Pareto Principle.

What do achievers understand that people who procrastinate don’t,
(many procrastinators don’t even know this): –

“failing to plan is planning to fail’ and you have to actually do something to get started.


Below is a short video with one approach to beating the decision paralysis of procrastination.
Actually I don’t agree the “decision paralysis” description I used above because procrastinators do make decisions.

They make decisions that often keep them very busy. They are busy doing things that keep them “busy” appearing to be productive but do not end up delivering the results they seek.

Stephen Covey would describe many procrastinators as doing work that is either urgent or not urgent and in both cases unimportant.

Before you watch the video maybe you could write a list of reasons why you have “put-off” some important work or jobs that you identified earlier.   Your mind will be better attuned to the video content.


If you really want top know how to procrastinate then have a look at Jean-Louis Zimmermann’s Procrastination Flowchart.

There is a link to his original full size chart below the diagram.
Procrastination vs Productivity

Poductive - "Hell no" - I procrastinate

Procrastination Flow Chart – The enemy of Productivity by Jean-Louis Zimmermann

Need more help with overcoming Procrastination and building Productivity

You may be aware of one of my trainings – Productivity Base with the Dynamic Productivity Course. It has valuable information on procrastination and becoming more personally in control of your life. Go there here – Productivity Base after you have read this article.

Procrastination can also be handled with hypnosis and NLP.  If you’d like fast track help then Contact Chris.

Productivity will improve measurably once you have taken on procrastination and commenced actions to achieve your goals.

Save Money On Accountancy Fees

Accountancy Fees- Tips to Save on Accountancy Fees

Chris has put together a short video with tips on reducing your accountants fees and how to get more value for your dollar.

How To Get Value For Money From Accountancy Fees

It seems getting yourself organised is a big part of the equation and those words of Stephen Covey “Begin With The End In Mind” keep coming back to haunt us.  Know exactly what your want from your accountant or any other professional adviser before you set foot in their office.

Have all your documents well organised and ensure you’ve given your accountant copies of significant transactions.

Some Tips to reduce Accountancy Fees


  • Do not give the accountant excessive documentation.
  • Ask what is required and deliver what is requested.
  • Understand how the tax system works in your country.
  • Respect your accountants opinion, seek a second opinion if in doubt (this will increase your costs) .
  • Keep social chatter to a minimum
  • Request for an annual checklist
  • Pay your fees as requested or agreed


Accountancy Fees – Services can be highly valuable.

Ensure you ask for any tips or hints that might help you save tax and make more money each year.

This may add a few dollars to the bill but if the advice is good you’ll recoup that fee in no time at all.

Ask yourself to what do these seem expensive?
Most tradesmen now charge a visitation fee of between $50 and $150 just to come to do the work.
A fast food chain takeaway meal these days can be over $10 and a meal for one at a mid range restaurant over $50.  How many burgers or meals is your tax advice and return worth?

If you tax accountant is doing their job well they’ll help you play the tax game, according to the rules, and have more money in your pocket because of their assistance.

Visit Chris’s Accountancy and Taxation services business – Mobile Local Tax Accountants Logan
Accountancy fees should not be seen as dead money to get your tax return done but as an opportunity to build a better business or improve your financial position by discovering how to save some tax.

Money Site Builder is coming to town

Money Site Builder is coming and will bring together a number of Web building tools that will speed up the development of mini websites.

I’m running a Beta version at the moment and I’d suggest it’s not really a tool for people new to website development.

CPanel needed for new WordPress Money Site Builder

You do need an understanding of the basics and a good working knowledge of WordPress.

Money Site Builder is designed for use with hosts using cPanel and produces a WordPress site for you all but on auto pilot.

I’m sure any gaps in knowledge can be gleaned fom the internet and forums.
This tool has certainly taught me that sites need to be planned and composed in a logical and purposeful way.

There are certain speed advantages that will generate greater efficiency in building sites once the user has this one under their belt.

I still like what BlogzBot has to offer in terms of the immediate content you can generate and the plugins it automatically adds. Money Site Builder requires you to actually write your own pages for Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions of Use and Contact (the MSB contact form is a real contact form compared to BB’s standard contact page).

I’d keep an eye on my User Reviews It site for more information on this one. The little bugs are being ironed out and in under a month it should be released.

Look for it. I think this will be a great tool


    • = Keyword analysis
    • = SEO scores
money site builder

Money Site Builder Near

  • = URL search for availability
  • = URL registration
  • = Site Builder
  • =Site tracking

That is a lot of functionality in one package.

Money Site Builder will be a real time saver

Get in touch if you want more information on Money Site Builder.

Affirmations - Waste of Breath for Most People

Affirmations Just Spoken are Just a Waste of Time

This comment will be more fully explained at “Hypnosis With Chris” over the next few weeks.

This is an important issue to understand and learn how to use with effect because affirmations come from many sources.

Affirmations need not even be audible.  Affirmations can be physical signs or movements, written or even the sharing of an emotion.

Have you ever listened to your own silent self-talk.   Here is a source of powerful affirmations and often not positive ones.

In discussions I have had with people at self-help and marketing conferences I have raised this issue and surprisingly found most people I speak to say they use or have used affirmations.  When we get to the effectiveness of their affirmations most are disappointed.

There are businesses that encourage staff to use affirmations on a daily basis and for many people it is merely a case of saying a few words that sound nice and that meet with the approval of anyone who hears them.

Affirmations in the workplace, between people in the workplace, can have a huge impact on staff morale, productivity and the health of a business.

Sporting teams are now often seen affirming each other and even participating in a group affirmation before, during and after a game.

Group affirmations build bonds between people.

I have myself, until recently, used affirmations from time to time with mixed effect and too frequently with little effect.  Today my affirmations are purposefully linked to my subconscious and living with awareness is a great way to further empower affirmations.

The missing elements of affirmations

I have thought about this area of self help and believe there are some very significant missing elements in the way affirmations are delivered and received.

It is important to understand these affirmations are messages we are giving ourselves and they must work at both the conscious and sub-conscious levels to have the desired effect.

In a nutshell what is missing are –

Affirmations for life, health, wealth

Public Affirmations

  • awareness and presence
  • emotional attachment
  • belief
  • a true picture of the desired result
  • a realistic outcome

Affirmations should deliver results

Here is an affirmation that I have serious concerns that anyone should use

  • I am the perfect weight for me

If the person affirming this is morbidly obese then all they are doing is supporting their unhealthy situation.

Rephrased as

  • I am becoming the perfect weight for me

with a very clear vision of yourself at your desired “perfect weight for you” together with a very emotional attachment to that body size and shape will be far more effective and powerful.

Contact Chris for some guidance on setting up your affirmations and how to deliver them powerfully to your minds, the conscious and sub conscious.

Affirmations you truly believe and can feel as real are powerful.

Did you know that hypnosis is a way of experiencing and effecting change that can be powerfully used with affirmations.

You can use your affirmations as “anchors” to trigger your physiology to react in predetermined ways.  Affirmations which have been boosted and empowered by hypnosis or NLP or both can really accelerate the desired changes or states of mind.

Read about hypnosis here at ProfiTrain

Use affirmations when you have a clear understanding and appreciation of how fantastic your life will be when the affirmation bears fruit.

User Review of SEOPressor - Daniel Tan SEO Expert

My User Review of SEOpressor From SEO Expert Daniel Tan

You can read my review of the SEO boost SEOPressor gave my sites at User Reviews It (after you read this of course).

This is a great program to help ensure your pages and posts have a good opportunity to rank on page one (1) on Google and its SEO boosting capabilities to me are astounding.

SEOPressor was the catalyst for my jump in SEO ranking

As you will see in the article I have managed to achieve quite a few page one rankings for a number of keywords for the Local Tax Accountants Logan site and it has increased business this year. In fact I have had more phone calls this year than from the Yellow Pages in the last five years.  That’s the power of better SEO tools and skills.

SEOPressor assisted SEO rankings

1-4 page one Google

I have done this with a number of other sites too.  Thanks to Our Internet Secrets and SEOPressor (my magic bullet).

In Business? You Need A Site! You Need SEO!

If you are in business you need to make your presence felt on the internet now.

Setting up your on-line real estate now is important because businesses with more aged sites automatically rank higher in Google and on other indexes.

SEOPressor will give you an edge

Competition for page one rankings is already tough but as competition increases at a growing rate it will get even harder. It is easier to defend a high ranking than it is to get one.  SEO is a billions of dollars game.  That’s where SEOPressor comes in, with it you will raise your rank.

SEOPressor ranks perfect seo

Perfect SEO with SEOPressor

From an off-line business perspective it just makes sense to build an identity on the internet in the same way that the on-line businesses do.  If you don’t compete with the on-line businesses in their territory then you will be “leaving a lot of money on the table” because the on-line businesses really know how to market.  The better SEO players will take take your customers unless you “arm up” and take them on.

Why do I use it, read the User Reviews It article. The baseline answer is because it works.  It is a fantastic SEO tool that I find really easy to use effectively.

Contact me if you have any questions about this article or leave a comment about your SEOPressor or SEO experiences. Contact Chris at ProfiTrain

Have a read. SEOPressor will help you with your SEO rankings.
You can read about my SEO experiences with SEOPressor in my review at User Reviews It

Meditate To Relax To Perform Better

Productivity Can Increase When Staff Meditate To Relax Daily

I wonder if you know how to meditate or if you life is filled with killer stress.  As a consultant to businesses I am concerned with staff morale and teamwork in an enterprise and know that there is a growing movement towards alternate ways to improve the working environment.

I’ve been here. Have you?
Have you ever worked in a pressure cooker office where some are “flat out like a lizard drinking” and others “running round like headless chooks” and yet others are so overwhelmed they have become zombie-like to protect themselves from further emotional and physical wear and tear and another group, like rabid dogs, are ready to bite anyone that comes near them.

Chaos can explode in any workplace if one or two things go wrong at just the right time for everything to fall apart.

When tensions rise there is a feeling throughout the workforce that an explosion is imminent and that people will be sorry they even turned up for work, even though they had nothing to do with the impending disaster. The tension in the air is palpable and the fear weighs heavily on everyone.

Voices begin to raise in volume and the tone becomes threaten ….

Hold on! What are we doing in a place like that?

No-one has to work in such an environment?

No, you do not!

There is another sort of workplace, a far better and empathetic setting.

Meditate to Relax Before and During Work

Here you arrive at work at around 8.30 in the morning and at the the start of the day all the staff get together and enjoy a ten minute meditation session. This group session aligns everyone and builds rapport within the employee group and with clear and focussed minds everyone can go about their work in a calm and peaceful way.

If anything starts to unravel during the day the problem is shared and a solution found. In a calm and peaceful way the lessons from the issue are learned and the systems can be looked at and amended to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If work becomes too stressful take a quick break and meditate. Better still meditate before it gets to that point and as your sensory acuity and awareness improves you’ll be able to pick this up.

In this framework no one need feel threatened or “under the pump” because when an organisation operates this way work is scheduled and priorities are set so that only rarely does something important become urgent. Most of the time the work is centred on important and not urgent work.

How do you achieve this in your workplace?

The first step is to go to work with the right attitude. You can choose your attitude everyday more easily than you can choose what clothes you’ll wear.  If you need help with that concept then visit “Hypnosis with Chris” or just contact me directly and I’ll show you how to do this. In fact any state of mind can be achieved at will once you know the process.

You need to discover how to relax mentally and physically and be able to do this quickly and at will. Again you can visit my hypnosis site using the link above or just contact me to learn how to do this.

Learn to Relax, to Meditate for a better life.

Then you need to learn the process of rapid meditation. You can go to meditation or yoga classes for this or if you want to fast track this I have a course that takes about 4 months to complete that will teach you about 9 Minute Meditation techniques and armed with these skills it’s unlikely you’ll ever be flustered again.

Meditate and relax in a group relaxation meditation

Meditate before work

I have done the course and found it very helpful in reducing stress levels, that’s why I bought it, and combined with my hypnosis and NLP training is a very beneficial extra skill for me to have. It must be working because even my daughter tells me how relaxed and easy to be around I am now. That does make me smile.

If you’d like to have a look at the program its at the How To Relax Secret – 9 Minute Meditation Academy.

A relaxed working environment will improve your health and well-being and should be encouraged at all levels in an organisation.  Imagine how good it would feel to know you were going to work with a group of empathetic relaxed fellow workers everyday.  That feeling of support that you know will meet you everyday is good isn’t it?

Meditate your way to a relaxed and productive working and personal lifestyle.

Mediation For Dispute Resolution

Mediation Tackles Issues In Dispute Resolution


Have you ever been in a dispute with another person or business and just wondered how do I solve this without going to Court?

If you have then you may have discovered mediation.

Mediation is a powerful tool in dispute resolution

Mediation covers many areas and is otherwise referred to as

mediation  dispute resolution lowers heat in conflict

Mediation Helps Calm Tensions

  • arbitration,
  • negotiation,
  • dispute resolution,
  • conciliation,
  • conflict resolution,

Below are a couple of areas that are covered by the process –

  • Family disputes
    • Estates
    • Elderly parents – control of assets
    • Custody
    • Divorce settlements
  • Building industry
    • Contract disputes
    • Employment terms
  • Neighbour disputes
    • Noise
    • Pets
    • Fences

There are many many more and consumer areas abound with ombudsmen adopting the role.  Often they escalate to making binding rulings as they see the case.   It should be your goal to avoid reaching the point where intervention is needed but if it is then use a dispute resolution expert.  You’ll discover they have ways of getting to the seat of the problem.

Mediators must obtain registration and to do that demonstrate they have the necessary skills to be appointed as a Registered Mediator.  They can also specialise in their area of expertise.

Why use mediation

Undergoing a conciliation process is now a mandatory process in many areas of litigation.  All avenues of reconciliation of a dispute need to be exhausted before the Courts will accept a case for hearing.

The Dispute Resolution process is a far less expensive process than litigation.

It should be far less stressful than going to Court.

mediation, dispute resolution, concilaition

Mediation Finds balance

Dispute resolution using a registered mediator should lead to an acceptable resolution of the problem in most cases.  For this to happen parties top the dispute must want a resolution and be prepared to participate to close the matter.

A professional colleague of mine Jennifer Boulton is a specialist family law practitioner and is a fully registered mediator.  Jenny has a contact page here on my site where you can discover more about the process. Contact Jenny Here


I’d recommend, if you ever have a serious problem, to use some form of mediation as your first resort and before the issue escalates to a highly emotionally charged state.