Micro and Small Business Planning

Small Business Plans are Easy

Micro Small Business Planning Now Where How

Family businesses are usually small to micro businesses without a plan but they could easily have a working plan with this model.

The Now – Where – Here business planning model or the Strategic Business planning model is a very useful tool for a business of any size.

This model isn’t limited to business planning as it  can also be very useful for anyone setting goals.

The model starts with a review of where a business is now.
An audit is taken of current performance, financial, operational, staff and other factors as it is.

The vision of the business at a future date is prepared. This description of the business then sets the objective to be obtained by the mission (the action plans) when set in motion.

The section initially captures all the strategies available to achieve the desired outcome.
Once the strategies are captured they can be evaluated and those with the best chance of achieving success are converted to action plans.
The action plans form the Mission and it is put into play.

Once the business plans are active the results are monitored to ensure the business is moving toward the goals set. This monitoring is done by selecting appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and suitable measures (KPM) for the KPI’s.

This constant monitoring enables the business operators to make necessary adjustments to maintain course for the desired destination.

This is a great model, because of its simplicity, for small and micro businesses to use for business planning and you can discover more about our business planning programs here > Business Planning Programs

It comes to mind that many small businesses both online and offline come to grief very soon after start-up.  Perhaps a little effort put into small business planning would save may people a lot of money and personal suffering.