Meditate To Relax To Perform Better

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Productivity Can Increase When Staff Meditate To Relax Daily

I wonder if you know how to meditate or if you life is filled with killer stress.  As a consultant to businesses I am concerned with staff morale and teamwork in an enterprise and know that there is a growing movement towards alternate ways to improve the working environment.

I’ve been here. Have you?
Have you ever worked in a pressure cooker office where some are “flat out like a lizard drinking” and others “running round like headless chooks” and yet others are so overwhelmed they have become zombie-like to protect themselves from further emotional and physical wear and tear and another group, like rabid dogs, are ready to bite anyone that comes near them.

Chaos can explode in any workplace if one or two things go wrong at just the right time for everything to fall apart.

When tensions rise there is a feeling throughout the workforce that an explosion is imminent and that people will be sorry they even turned up for work, even though they had nothing to do with the impending disaster. The tension in the air is palpable and the fear weighs heavily on everyone.

Voices begin to raise in volume and the tone becomes threaten ….

Hold on! What are we doing in a place like that?

No-one has to work in such an environment?

No, you do not!

There is another sort of workplace, a far better and empathetic setting.

Meditate to Relax Before and During Work

Here you arrive at work at around 8.30 in the morning and at the the start of the day all the staff get together and enjoy a ten minute meditation session. This group session aligns everyone and builds rapport within the employee group and with clear and focussed minds everyone can go about their work in a calm and peaceful way.

If anything starts to unravel during the day the problem is shared and a solution found. In a calm and peaceful way the lessons from the issue are learned and the systems can be looked at and amended to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If work becomes too stressful take a quick break and meditate. Better still meditate before it gets to that point and as your sensory acuity and awareness improves you’ll be able to pick this up.

In this framework no one need feel threatened or “under the pump” because when an organisation operates this way work is scheduled and priorities are set so that only rarely does something important become urgent. Most of the time the work is centred on important and not urgent work.

How do you achieve this in your workplace?

The first step is to go to work with the right attitude. You can choose your attitude everyday more easily than you can choose what clothes you’ll wear.  If you need help with that concept then visit “Hypnosis with Chris” or just contact me directly and I’ll show you how to do this. In fact any state of mind can be achieved at will once you know the process.

You need to discover how to relax mentally and physically and be able to do this quickly and at will. Again you can visit my hypnosis site using the link above or just contact me to learn how to do this.

Learn to Relax, to Meditate for a better life.

Then you need to learn the process of rapid meditation. You can go to meditation or yoga classes for this or if you want to fast track this I have a course that takes about 4 months to complete that will teach you about 9 Minute Meditation techniques and armed with these skills it’s unlikely you’ll ever be flustered again.

Meditate and relax in a group relaxation meditation

Meditate before work

I have done the course and found it very helpful in reducing stress levels, that’s why I bought it, and combined with my hypnosis and NLP training is a very beneficial extra skill for me to have. It must be working because even my daughter tells me how relaxed and easy to be around I am now. That does make me smile.

If you’d like to have a look at the program its at the How To Relax Secret – 9 Minute Meditation Academy.

A relaxed working environment will improve your health and well-being and should be encouraged at all levels in an organisation.  Imagine how good it would feel to know you were going to work with a group of empathetic relaxed fellow workers everyday.  That feeling of support that you know will meet you everyday is good isn’t it?

Meditate your way to a relaxed and productive working and personal lifestyle.


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