Mediation For Dispute Resolution

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Mediation Tackles Issues In Dispute Resolution


Have you ever been in a dispute with another person or business and just wondered how do I solve this without going to Court?

If you have then you may have discovered mediation.

Mediation is a powerful tool in dispute resolution

Mediation covers many areas and is otherwise referred to as

mediation  dispute resolution lowers heat in conflict

Mediation Helps Calm Tensions

  • arbitration,
  • negotiation,
  • dispute resolution,
  • conciliation,
  • conflict resolution,

Below are a couple of areas that are covered by the process –

  • Family disputes
    • Estates
    • Elderly parents – control of assets
    • Custody
    • Divorce settlements
  • Building industry
    • Contract disputes
    • Employment terms
  • Neighbour disputes
    • Noise
    • Pets
    • Fences

There are many many more and consumer areas abound with ombudsmen adopting the role.  Often they escalate to making binding rulings as they see the case.   It should be your goal to avoid reaching the point where intervention is needed but if it is then use a dispute resolution expert.  You’ll discover they have ways of getting to the seat of the problem.

Mediators must obtain registration and to do that demonstrate they have the necessary skills to be appointed as a Registered Mediator.  They can also specialise in their area of expertise.

Why use mediation

Undergoing a conciliation process is now a mandatory process in many areas of litigation.  All avenues of reconciliation of a dispute need to be exhausted before the Courts will accept a case for hearing.

The Dispute Resolution process is a far less expensive process than litigation.

It should be far less stressful than going to Court.

mediation, dispute resolution, concilaition

Mediation Finds balance

Dispute resolution using a registered mediator should lead to an acceptable resolution of the problem in most cases.  For this to happen parties top the dispute must want a resolution and be prepared to participate to close the matter.

A professional colleague of mine Jennifer Boulton is a specialist family law practitioner and is a fully registered mediator.  Jenny has a contact page here on my site where you can discover more about the process. Contact Jenny Here


I’d recommend, if you ever have a serious problem, to use some form of mediation as your first resort and before the issue escalates to a highly emotionally charged state.


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