Local Marketing - List Building - Collection Essentials

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List Building – Visitor Details are important to capture

Local Marketing – List Building Collection Essentials

You really need to capture the name, mobile telephone, physical and email address of visitors to your site.

From a local marketing perspective these are the essential details.
Global marketers may not be so interested in the mobile number but they will certainly appreciate the value of a physicaland  real mailing address.

Why you need email addresses when List Building

Without an email address that you have confirmed as active by using a double opt-in system you really have nothing.

Many people will use dummy or fake addresses to obtain information from you.

You should never provide instant access to your information until the recipient has confirmed their email address.

There will be a percentage of people who set up “junk” addresses to receive products and always use them on first time contacts. They’ll provide you with a real address once they trust you.

The email address is an important means of contact, and if used correctly you can expect a high number of messages to be opened.  If not used correctly and with respect for your customers then people will either unsubscribe of just delete your emails unless they look interesting, (you need an exceptional header).

List building Should Capture Mobile Telephone Numbers

These are a potential goldmine.

Smartphones are now commonplace and smartphone users cling to them like a new mother does to a baby.  Now that’s clingy.

97% of messages to phone are read.  87% are read within one hour.  Is that a powerful tool?  If you said “No” then you probably didn’t read this far anyway.  If you did say “No” and are still here you are seeing lights go on around you and have the chance to discover an opportunity.

The opportunity is this.  You can instantly contact your customer base when you need to as long as you have something of value to offer them through the SMS system.  You can build a fantastic relationship.  Give value 3 – 4 times before asking for a sale, 4:1 seems to be a good ratio.  This builds trust and you have given a lot before asking for a sale.

Physical Mail Addresses

These are often overlooked and really without this you have nothing at all.

Post Box helps list building
by Steenbergs under CC BY  with
Post Box


Successful marketers use “snail mail” to great effect.
The mailing of CD’s DVD’s and newsletters is a very powerful tool to use.

People love to receive mail that is positive in nature and adds value to their day.

A great example of this is the Australian entrepreneur Mal Emery who uses this to great effect.

Mailing addresses are essential for another reason.

How often have you heard of emails being flagged as spam or what if your host or Google black list you?
What value does your email list have then?

A physical mail list for direct mail marketing remains a very powerful marketing tool.

I hope you can now see the value of list building and going that extra step and obtaining not just an email list.

Your opt in forms should require

  • Name (in full)
  • Email
  • Mobile number, and
  • Street or PO address.

That trio will truly allow you to market to your subscribers and fans and help you with list building into the future.

Is that powerful?

Set yourself the task of revisiting your list and getting the missing information.

If you don’t have a list then do your best to capture this information from visitors to your site. (Make sure you have a “Join” form on your site.

L:ist building is seen by many as a thankless and very difficult task.

Get over any issues you may have with asking for people’s details.

You are after all doing your best to provide them with valuable products, services or information.  If you can’t contact them when something really good comes along you’ll miss out because someone else will have beaten you to it.

Be totally ethical in your list building endeavors and if your promote yourself as never releasing or sharing your list then do not share or get involved in list swaps or sell your list except to a buyer of your site.  If you do sell your site you should, I ethically believe, obtain permission from your list to transfer them to the buyer.

Google – January 2012

Google, as at January 2012, requires web sites to really appeal to readers.  Make sure you keep up to date with Google algorithm changes or you may find your list dwindling and certainly not growing.

List Building will continue to be a dominant factor in online marketing so be sure to collect the important client information at the outset.

For more information about the List Building strategies above contact Chris.