List Building Essentials

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List building – An Essential Skill

Having trouble getting that list to grow?

I certainly was until I took time to learn some of the things that are needed to get a list under way.

You need a system, that works for you, for list building if you want to build a list that is valuable.

Web sites are the new Real Estate. Web sites with sticky lists sell for huge dollars – look at sites like Facebook and what they are worth. Is your client list sticky and relevant to your niche?

You need to tweak your list building system

You need flexibility in your list building system, tweaking all the time because the internet is such a dynamic place.

Your list needs to be targeted or you’ll be sending information to a virtually random group.

How do you build a targeted and qualified list?
Step 1 is to really know and understand your niche.
Only enlist potential and current buyers to your list.

You may not have realized it but potential buyers are probably more valuable than someone wanting to buy right now.
Why would I say that?
Current buyers have all current suppliers marketing to them.
Potential buyers in your niche are only being targeted by a small group of suppliers with whom you are competing.

List building is all about building Relationships

If you have a list of future buyers you can build a really powerful relationship with them by educating them about the product area that you service. Educating them without asking for sales builds trust and they will be more likely to buy from you when the time comes.

You have to be a little smarter here than the “average bear”. You have to ensure your prospect knows you are ready to serve (sell to) them so that they come to you. There is always the risk that you can educate them well but someone else will get the sale because they asked for it.

In your educational material you must, without overt selling, ensure they see you as the provider of choice.
What will be your compelling reason for the prospect to buy from you. You must have, yes MUST HAVE, a truly compelling reason for any customer to buy from you. What is your unique selling proposition or sustainable competitive advantage?

Back to list building

Did you know there are several lists you should compile?
What these lists are and so much more information about how to build valuable lists can be found at the Internet Skills Builder List Building academy web course.  (Note – Apologies this link is no longer available 22/02/16).

The lists included – Prospects, Buyers, and High End.  Also, build a list of Affiliates who can help sell your products.
Invest in yourself and learn as much as you can. Study and application of the lessons has made a huge difference in my approach to mastering the internet.

List building essentials

List Building Can’t Be Ignored

The master Australian millionaire maker, Mal Emery, recently emailed his list and advised that businesses that ignore the power of the internet are doomed to fail in the new age. The new age is already upon us so if you are as smart, as I’m sure you are, you’ll start to work with the internet and not exhibit the worst aspects of the ostrich syndrome and “bury your head in the sand”.

List building is just one part of internet business mastery and is essential to your success.


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  1. Very good post. Something which is very close to our heart. You always have a way of making it so easy to follow your thoughts and what you’re sharing with us. Thank you very much.

    • Chris S-C says:

      Thanks for the kind appraisal and knowing more about you now than I did then am humbled that you took time to comment. I’m very late with this reply but have been going through some of my older posts and realised this one is a valuable effort.

      Now a tip for people who want to join the new economic world I can only recommend you read this post at least twice and think about the value of your new real estate and the power and value of a list that has been built on relationships.

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