It's All In The Relationship

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Without a good supplier-customer relationship business is too hard.

The property market is down, the stock market is not breaking records, employment statistically is up but it seems getting a dollar out of a customers pocket is really quite hard now.

Building relationships and trust along with inventive marketing skills and delivery of exceptional products and services are what is needed.

Build the relationship with quality information

Real Estate is hard at the moment.  You’ll probably see more agressive marketing from vendors to bring in prospects. An example of this can be found at where the vendor has set up a web site to augment the Agents efforts.

In any marketing you need to use all avenues you can to be in front of prospects and build a relationship.

How are you keeping your business, products, services or othe items for sale in front of your prospects, clients or customers.

Some ideas for you to show you value your customers and help to build a lasting relationship –

  • Send hand written birthday cards.
  • Make it policy to have at least 3 conversations a year with each client.
  • Build an email list and use it with valuable content.
  • Establish a newsletter and send out monthly by email to your list.
  • Give away before you expect to receive to build the relationship.
  • Share your successes with your customers and suppliers – learn from each other.

You may have noticed all the above are about building a relationship with your customers and suppliers (reverse customers).  Do this well and you’ll discover more loyalty and referrals will come your way.

If you’d like more information on relationship building then contact Chris using the contact form.

A relationship built on honesty and trust is worth more than you can imagine to your business.


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