How To Sack Non-Performing Unprofitable Customers With Jo Harris

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Jo’s webinar has been and gone.

To see what else she has planned please visit her website.
sacking un-profitable customers unprofitable customers
.   >For Small Business owners
.   >Discovering better customer service
.   >Ways to say “No” and how to move on unprofitable clients

We all have some unprofitable Customers.

You know the ones?

Every project takes longer, goes over budget.

They leave you feeling drained, crazed and de-motivated.

So how do you say “goodbye” or “SACK” these unprofitable Customers and still deliver great customer Service and act within your Values.

These are important skills to learn as at some time we all want to cut our losses and get away from this type of client.

Join Jo Harris on this FREE Webinar on Friday 30 March 2012 at 2:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (that’s 1:00pm here in Queensland)

Discover how to keep your sanity, behave impeccably and move on from your unprofitable customers.



This webinar will truly compliment the business development and management programs offered by Chris and to see the overview of the program Click Here.