How Mobile Ready Is Your Web Site

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Mobile Ready Web Sites Make Instant Contact


What does a mobile user see when they log in to your web site – is it Mobile Ready?

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Optimizing your website for mobile is gaining traction and is making news.

You can read what one Australian Financial Planning Group CEO had to say here about having a mobile-ready web site.
Article here

See for yourself, right below,  how hard an ordinary website is to read on a mobile phone.

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Standard               vs                  Mobile

Mobile Ready Website

Mobile Ready web site is easy


A Mobile Ready Website is a must for modern business.

The mobile age is truly gathering speed and strength.
Businesses that ignore this dramatic change in social preference and inter-action will struggle in the next year or two time.
It’s a case of get on board now or be left behind.

Think Mobile ready Web site
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STOP ->  Think -> Get Mobile Ready Fast


What are the costs of setting up an effective mobile ready website and marketing campaign.

Free and almost free.  (Under $150)

  • The base level ‘plug and play’ solution using free plug-ins is a very cheap option.
    This however will not have the capacity and flexibility to run  mobile marketing campaigns.

Low Cost (Between $150 – 500)

  • There are many low cost options which give a little more flexibility but are still not great
  • Best suited to mini sites
  • Interactivity may be stifled

Getting it Right (from $500 up)

  • A tailored and planned approach is best
  • Themes for mobile ready websites must be clean and fast operating
  • Must cater for large fingers
  • There needs to be capacity to interact with viewers
  • Should be a mirror of the master site’s significant content
  • Automatic redirection from standard site to the mobile when visited on a mobile device

A well designed and planned mobile site will be easy to navigate and easy to read.

Contact us for planning tips and advice.

If your mobile site is up and running and easy to read there is a much greater chance the reader will visit your master web site when they have access to a full screen system.

A mobile ready website needs careful planning and the cheaper versions are just not going to do your business justice.