Easy Steps To A Successful Business Plan

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How to build a successful business plan in easy steps

5% of businesses have a business plan and 95% succeed
95% of businesses have no business plan and 5% are lucky


Business Plan Steps

  1. Identify your personal goals and objectives
  2. Identify business options and opportunities that will help you achieve your goals
  3. Clearly state why you are going into the business – the mission of the business
  4. Build a very clear picture of how you see the business operating at its optimum capacity
  5. Look at and evaluate all the possible options available to turn the vision into reality
  6. Prioritise the options you have identified and select those that will have the greatest impact with the least effort in terms of money, skill and time.
  7. Write out the options as action statements and formalise them as action plans that will be components of your business plan
  8. Ensure every action plan clearly defines
    1. the objective
    2. what is required
    3. why it is being done
    4. who is required and responsible
    5. when it is to happen
    6. how it will be done
    7. how you will know it is being done and has been completed
  9. Implement the action plans in order
  10. Monitor the results and adjust as required

This process will enable you to develop an effective and realistic business plan that will work for you.

Business Plan Tools

Profitrain provides full Business Plan advisory services particulaly for small to medium sized enterprises. Family businesses are well catered for here.
There are many guides and aids available for business planning in hard copy and here on the internet. If you need help with these remember our help is just a call away.

One of your best guides in business will be a successful mentor who has a personal interest in your success.

Your second best guide will be a business coach and if you are fortunate enough to have both you’ll discover quickly things about yourself and business that you may have taken years to discover, if at all. Successful sports stars, actors, politicians (bad choice), business people use coaches – someone to provide a different perspective to help them.

If you need some help or are unable to access either of the above then contact me, Chris, at ProfiTrain for some more tips and guidance.


Be a 5%-er and achieve success with a business plan.


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