Choose Your Attitude

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You Can Have Attitude at the Click of a Finger

Attitude can be a deal maker or breaker, the difference between enjoying your work or hating it, having good or not so good relationships and how much you enjoy and make of your life.

Attitude Switches

I have observed people at work in absolutely foul moods, raving and ranting, “doing their lolly” as I’m sure many readers have.  Suddenly the phone rings. They storm to the phone, pick it up, switch the confident, polite and happy demeanor and say very welcoming “Hello”.

This change was virtually instant.  Everyone can do this.  Everyone can choose their attitude and learn how to call up certain attitude attributes that are best for the situation.

A great place to start and discover the power of attitude is to read Steven Lundin’s book “Fish”.  The message in this book for work is –

  • Choose your attitude
  • Play
  • Make their day
  • Be present

These principles can and should also be applied to all areas of life.

How do you choose your attitude?

This can be learned very easily using NLP and hypnosis techniques.

One place to start is with Three by Three, ( 3X3 ) which will help you appreciate the joys and wonder of your life.  Power 3X3 done well will enable you to instantly recover the attitude of confidence, joy, power, gratitude and other emotions you have anchored.

Assuming attitude

Your Attitude?

From Hypnosis and NLP there are a lot of  tools and techniques which will also help you switch to the right attitude for the moment.  Have a read of the Business Hypnosis article on Attitude on this site -> Hypnosis.  

Contact Chris if you’d like to learn some of these.

Your attitude is entirely your choice.


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