Choices - Two Brothers - a story how their choices determined their lives.

 Twin Brothers

There were two men who came from identical backgrounds. They were, in fact, twins.  Not identical but nonetheless twins. They grew up in the same house and went to the same schools.  They had the same opportunities and challenges as each other because their parents and mentors wanted them to have every opportunity to succeed.


Now you would think that they would have led parallel lives, wouldn’t you? So much being the same but there were also differences that caused different results.

One of them as a boy, lets call him Tom, was always looking at situations and wondering what was behind it all, what problems this job would have and was always looking for catches.   Tom was always reacting to things going on around him The other, Fred, saw everything  as an opportunity and wondered how it could be done more easily, how to best respond and what he could learn from it because he seemed to like to break things down and share the benefits.

If there was a work to be done Tom looked upon the task in front of him and felt challenged and put upon while his brother looked beyond the task and seemed to understand the eventual outcome and why it had to be done   well   before he’d commence his work.

Tom was always challenged by his work and found it difficult to get into it. Almost everything was a chore.  He’d always find distractions and more interesting things to do and because of this found he was often in trouble because his little jobs had become big jobs and then they became bigger. Eventually his jobs became far far bigger and much more urgent requiring others to help get it done. He really excelled at making mountains out of molehills.

Meanwhile Fred was enjoying his work, his hobbies and his interests because he’d taken on his work in an orderly way and broken each job into smaller tasks which were easily completed, even when unpleasant. He always said the reason he did his work that way was because he could see the end benefits and kept them in his mind as he worked.  Fred was appreciative of what he had and the world around him.

By the time they reached their mid twenties they were still close as brothers when but the outcomes of their pursuits in life were becoming markedly different.  It was obvious to all that they really had quite different attitudes to life – Pessimist and Optimist or Scarcity and Abundance and Reaction and Response.  The two were in many respects becoming opposites sides of the one coin.

If their lives were scored  was scored Fred would have been the A grader in all areas of life, (even when something he did didn’t work out), and Tom mostly a C grader with a mix of successes and failures thrown in.

By their forties they all but lived in different worlds. Fred was a real go-getter, a goal setter, an achiever and would often be busy wondering how to get something to work or happen. His world was filled with people from whom he could learn and be inspired, including Tom.

His brother Tom, on the other hand, saw the world as a place of difficulty and had surrounded himself with like-minded people. To them everything was a challenge to be met and was designed to keep them trapped in their world. Laws, the banks, society had it all stacked against them and they had plenty of reasons why they couldn’t do this or that.

Tom reached a turning point in his life in his early fifties. Perhaps a mid-life crisis? A point of absolute frustration. With some help from Fred he took the chance to revisit his beliefs, values and lessons in life and discovered that he had choices, more choices than he’d ever imagined. He discovered there were different ways to see the world and that his old view, limited view of the world was not in his best interest.  He learned to look beyond and then bring that learning into the present to act on it. Freed finally was able to share his life skills and open doors because his brother made a choice to see things differently.

Two brothers with the same start in life. Hard to believe? Well perhaps not.

Was it internal chemistry? Was it just a desire to be different? Was it one bad or great experience?

Something set them on different paths at an early age and how they chose to react to that experience made all the difference.

Tom showed that you can teach an old dog new tricks as long as the dog is willing.

There are so many ways to see the world we live in.

Always take in your world from several vantage points, broaden your view, open all your senses so you can choose the one you like best and make choices that work best for you.

Your attitude clearly affects the way your relate to, see, hear and feel your world. Change your attitude and you change your world. It is all about our choices in life and taking responsibility for them.

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