Change Reaction

You can choose your reaction

Driver etiquette score 0/10 by this bad parker!

How Do You React When This Happens To You?


Was your reaction to that picture impulsive or controlled?
If you got all steamed up and had to crank up the cold on your air-conditioner then you probably had a not so good day from then. 🙁



You could make a smarter choice! 🙂

Have you ever thought if there was a way you could stop yourself from getting so hot under the collar when you can’t change the situation?

You could start by reading Richard Carlson’s “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” which is a great book to read and will certainly help.

(Hey that’s a sales link to the right so you can get it. It’s not why I mention the book even if you purchase I’ll receive a tiny, very tiny, commission).

You could choose to say to your self – “Wow, they must have been is a rush” or something similar to help your change your perspective on the situation and cool your temper at their inconsiderate behaviour.
Copying a trick politicians use all the time – technically called “re-framing” or colloquially “putting another spin on the story” – to change the way you perceive the situation is a great antidote. Perception is much more than half the battle and perception is in the eye of the beholder and the frame they are seeing it in.
You could of course allow yourself to fast track your change from reaction to action through a short hypnosis session.
Hypnosis is a great way of getting you in touch with your emotions and enabling you to make choices and take your response – ability to new heights.
Just imagine
if you will
…now ….how good it would feel
to be able to just trigger positive emotions
when facing insignificant issues like losing this parking spot
by thinking positively that while that tiny spot is taken
another will show up for you
and by moving on you will be closer to finding it
by focusing on finding a new spot
you won’t miss a parking opportunity
when it’s there for you
because you are focusing on what you want
without emotional distraction
because with focus comes opportunity

You have Choice

So think about how you think and what conversations you allow to fill your mind.
Always ask if the conversation is in your longer term best interests.
The choices and decisions you make right now will affect the course of your life forever.
If you are a habitual “nuclear reactor about to blow” then take stock and have a quiet conversation with yourself to bring about a more peaceful and calm life. A more peaceful existence may even, surprisingly (no, not really), open more doors for you in your life and world to scenes you had never even imagined existed before.

Discover Hypnosis

At Hypnosis with Chris I cover ways to reduce stress and offer some great tools and techniques to help you choose how to act with purpose instead of reacting on impulse.

The choice is simply one you get to make – and an opportunity to change your life for ever.

Discover more about hypnosis here at ProfiTrain’s Hypnosis Page with links to Chris’s hypnosis site.