Affirmations - Waste of Breath for Most People

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Affirmations Just Spoken are Just a Waste of Time

This comment will be more fully explained at “Hypnosis With Chris” over the next few weeks.

This is an important issue to understand and learn how to use with effect because affirmations come from many sources.

Affirmations need not even be audible.  Affirmations can be physical signs or movements, written or even the sharing of an emotion.

Have you ever listened to your own silent self-talk.   Here is a source of powerful affirmations and often not positive ones.

In discussions I have had with people at self-help and marketing conferences I have raised this issue and surprisingly found most people I speak to say they use or have used affirmations.  When we get to the effectiveness of their affirmations most are disappointed.

There are businesses that encourage staff to use affirmations on a daily basis and for many people it is merely a case of saying a few words that sound nice and that meet with the approval of anyone who hears them.

Affirmations in the workplace, between people in the workplace, can have a huge impact on staff morale, productivity and the health of a business.

Sporting teams are now often seen affirming each other and even participating in a group affirmation before, during and after a game.

Group affirmations build bonds between people.

I have myself, until recently, used affirmations from time to time with mixed effect and too frequently with little effect.  Today my affirmations are purposefully linked to my subconscious and living with awareness is a great way to further empower affirmations.

The missing elements of affirmations

I have thought about this area of self help and believe there are some very significant missing elements in the way affirmations are delivered and received.

It is important to understand these affirmations are messages we are giving ourselves and they must work at both the conscious and sub-conscious levels to have the desired effect.

In a nutshell what is missing are –

Affirmations for life, health, wealth

Public Affirmations

  • awareness and presence
  • emotional attachment
  • belief
  • a true picture of the desired result
  • a realistic outcome

Affirmations should deliver results

Here is an affirmation that I have serious concerns that anyone should use

  • I am the perfect weight for me

If the person affirming this is morbidly obese then all they are doing is supporting their unhealthy situation.

Rephrased as

  • I am becoming the perfect weight for me

with a very clear vision of yourself at your desired “perfect weight for you” together with a very emotional attachment to that body size and shape will be far more effective and powerful.

Contact Chris for some guidance on setting up your affirmations and how to deliver them powerfully to your minds, the conscious and sub conscious.

Affirmations you truly believe and can feel as real are powerful.

Did you know that hypnosis is a way of experiencing and effecting change that can be powerfully used with affirmations.

You can use your affirmations as “anchors” to trigger your physiology to react in predetermined ways.  Affirmations which have been boosted and empowered by hypnosis or NLP or both can really accelerate the desired changes or states of mind.

Read about hypnosis here at ProfiTrain

Use affirmations when you have a clear understanding and appreciation of how fantastic your life will be when the affirmation bears fruit.


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