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ProfiTrain shares resources with Accountancy CPD Provider – AccountancyCPE

If you need to build accountancy cpd points because you are a member of one of the professional accountancy bodies (ICAA, CPAA, ATMA, NIA) then this opportunity will be a great compliment to their offerings.

At Accountancy CPE accountants finally have the ultimate means of freedom to choose when they do their accountancy CPD



Accountancy CPE, is a site dedicated to providing accountants with a very convenient, flexible and low cost structured professional accountants CPD alternative. Chris has put this site together using resources from ProfiTrain and many other sources to provide a great opportunity to build those CPD points.

Accountancy CPD is particularly aimed at Australian professional accountants but offers a broad range of topics in the training from only $44 a month and from which many business people could also benefit.

On joining members can receive 2.5 hours of continuing professional education (2.5 cpd points) which is inter-active and requires completion of exercises to satisfy a credit for the continuing professional development time spent. The initial training is generic and not time sensitive. This enables it to be delivered immediately to new members.
The two topics are –
1 – Personal career review and planning
2 – Communication – theme is relationship building to retain and develop clients.

Discover Accountancy CPD in a flexible mode from Accountancy CPE

It is really making the Continuing Professional Development requirements for accountants so much easier to achieve. It will be easier to achieve the required structured continuing professional education hours of the professional bodies through this on-line provider because of the flexibility of delivery and convenience of the site. All the training can be done at any time that is convenient to the member, not at set times like most providers. It’s available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and as long as members have access to the internet Accountancy CPE will deliver.

accountancy cpe or accountancy cpd

Accountancy CPE anywhere any time

If you’re looking for an alternative and effective means of topping up your Accountancy CPD hours then join up and kick start your catch up with an immediate 2.5 hours of Accountancy CPE today.

A great way to build accountancy CPD points

Many an accountant has found meeting the CPD times a struggle because their schedule and the seminar scheduling often were out of sync. That’s why I had a big hand in developing this program and site with encouragement from sole practitioners finding time and cost pressures a real issue.

Contact Chris to discover more about this program.

Accountancycpe deserves your attention to compliment the accountancy cpd training provided by the national bodies.