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ProfiTrain delivers when it comes to local marketing, business management skills
training and personal development assistance.

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About ProfiTrain


  • We are a professional business development and training enterprise delivering profitable solutions to small business.
  • We solve problems through research, facilitation and training.
  • We provide flexibility in our approach to every engagement to ensure businesses can adapt to internal and external changes in the least threatening way possible.

Mobile Marketing ProfitrainWe’ll run with you at the front of the pack

  • We provide state of the art marketing for local businesses that build powerful relationships with customers and the community.
    • Web based local marketing
    • Mobile marketing solutions
    • QR Codes – simply making communication easier


History and Evolution

This business commenced over twenty years ago. It was originally established in 1985 as Northern Rivers Business Services in Lismore by Chris Stanton-Cook, an experienced accountant and business consultant.


The business has been structured to provide high quality services to small to medium sized businesses by utilising the strengths and enthusiasm of a professional systematic approach to each engagement.


The objectives of the business can be summarised as

  • Improve the management of small to medium enterprises (SME’s) or  businesses.
  • Assist business owners to use their business to help
    them achieve their personal objectives
  • Provide the means for businesses to prosper and dominate their local market
  • Assist smaller businesses to develop systems to meet their compliance obligations at a reasonable and fair cost.
  • Develop a positive and empowering philosophical culture of “Win – Win” within your organisation.

What we will do-

  • Show you how to dominate your market
  • Surprise you with the ease with which you foster customer relationships
  • Bring your customers back more often
  • Ensure your business is run your way – not our way.
  • Keep you in the picture.
  • Program our engagement according to an agreed time schedule.
  • Provide you with Tools and Techniques that you can use.
  • We teach “you not just to fish but to serve it on a platter.  Ready to eat. “.
  • Use accelerated learning tools from the fields of NLP and Hypnosis
    • This facilitates seamless and lasting changes.
  • Consult ourselves out of a job with your business by successfully training you and systematising your business.



Assistance with other office functions available.