Your Business Accounting

Accountancy is the Most important Feedback system in a business Business Accounting - Do You Understand Your Financial Reports? I have taught business management for over 15 years and a significant part of the programs I have taught are about the Accountancy System. The Accountancy for Business … Continue reading

What is Wealth

What is Wealth and How Do You Define It? Dr Joanna Martin is a highly successful Public Speaker and Coach to Public Speaking. Her specialty is selling from stage and she has helped many people from many walks in life move from being unable to utter a word in front of an audience to becoming … Continue reading

Micro and Small Business Planning

Small Business Plans are Easy The Now - Where - Here business planning model or the Strategic Business planning model is a very useful tool for a business of any size. This model isn't limited to business planning as it  can also be very useful for anyone setting goals. NOW The model … Continue reading


Choices - Two Brothers - a story how their choices determined their lives.  Twin Brothers There were two men who came from identical backgrounds. They were, in fact, twins.  Not identical but nonetheless twins. They grew up in the same house and went to the same schools.  They had the same … Continue reading

Reaction or Response

Bad Parkers are the cause of ANGST. So often it's the little things in life that really get to us. Bad parking is a common everyday issue where selfish drivers waste parking opportunities for other drivers. So how do you react? Do you you get steamed up? Do you sigh and brood? Do … Continue reading